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By dickvelner

Emily’s Restaurant

It doesn’t take a lot of people to GOGS.  Since I moved to North Minneapolis 2 months ago, I have visited Emily’s Restaurant several times.  It is a delightful, small neighborhood diner established 30 years ago by Emily and Elliot.  The food is great, prices reasonable and directly connected by several bus lines (for my benefit).

  Located at 44th Street and Penn Ave North.

  Emily on the right, next to her husband, Elliot; myself and another patron.

There must be hundreds of these Meetup places around the Metro area.  They cannot accommodate a large crowd but if it’s only one or two or three or more to socialize, that’s the point.  The tricky part is the When, Where and How.  Would love to hear your ideas.

By dickvelner

What, Why, When, Who, Where and How?

The concept has me terribly fascinated.  I’m looking at the Life and Friends Over 50 page, I have volunteered to be the Organizer and I ask myself, now what?  26 people have taken a leap of faith to attend and this is frightening.  It’s the same perplexing event when one of my students is asked to make a presentation before the class.  These 6 words usually take care of filling in the blanks.

What, Who and Why.  We are a group of people wanting to find our destiny.  In this case we have already existed for at least 50 years on this planet and are looking for ways to complement our history.  The marvelous evolution of technology has provided Meetup (we, as people, invented it) and we can gather pieces of information about one another through our laptops, without leaving our singular space.  Cavemen should have been so lucky.  Why we do this Meetup is in our nature.

When, Where and How; this is more difficult.  Technology has yet to give us Star Trek capabilities “Beam me up, Scottie” so we have to physically move from place to place.  We can only socialize if we get together.  I have an idea I will post called Emily’s Restaurant.  I am hoping for other attendees to think of more ideas.

By dickvelner

Getting Started

ImageThe idea for this event started when GOGS was promoting a series of workshops,  one of which was titled. “Dating Over 50”.  I have trouble with the word dating used in this context, especially when it is age specific. Heaven knows that after being around for 50 years (and that was 20 years ago for me) I have learned and understand a number of things.  It reminded me of a photo posted by a FB friend from Ukraine – so are these two dating?  Going together?  Married?  Just sleeping around?  Who cares!  This could be any one of us in a number of years.

At this age my feelings say there are more important considerations.  Life itself and the Friends we have.

My Story like everyone else, can be considered a mosaic or a giant picture puzzle with many pieces that fit together.  To get to know one another, we must understand the pieces.  What I will do is list a litany of pieces and as friendships develop, more understanding will happen.  I will begin at the age of 50 because this was the beginning of a dramatic change in my life.  There are stories behind each piece:

  • Most important is the fact I am the proud parent of 4 wonderful children and now grandfather to 14 beautiful grandchildren  -. and I’ve never been married (there’s a story}.
  • I love to travel.  I’m on my way to Russia and have made it as far as North Minneapolis.
  • At the age of 50 I became licensed to teach high school.
  • I do not own a car, nor a television, nor a telephone (but I have a phone number).
  • Since November 2011 I have lived in 4 different places.
  • I am a Facebook junkie as well as the whole internet phenomenon.
  • I like the Meetup concept, have been a member for a number of years and now the GOGS idea offers many possibilities.
  • The reason for this Event is I believe there is more to being social than the 4Ds (dating, drinking, dancing and dining)
By dickvelner


Here is my challenge to the Group.  To create an environment where there is a different or more pragmatic way of “Meeting Up”.  Getting together is for socializing.

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I just downloaded the new Release Preview of Microsoft’s Windows 8.  It is different and I’m trying a few things with our new Event.  The following are random thoughts to start discussion.

Create abundance in your business and/or life…  The ways of doing business on the planet have dramatically evolved.

To lead a life, fully abundant, fully alive……..

Sassy a Group Organizer and Divonni’s expert….

A chance to get creative……

Explore Minnesota……

Money, Time and Travel…….


By dickvelner